Tips For Choosing And Using Concrete Sealing Products

Concrete flooring is tough, but it is susceptible to wear and tear, deterioration, and contamination. Proper concrete sealing for flooring not only protects but gives the surface a clean uniform appearance. Coatings brighten up the area and protect floors, so they serve a dual purpose.

A variety of options exist in concrete floor coating for both plain concrete or stamped concrete. Understanding the various options will help when choosing the right one for your space.

Concrete Floor Paint

The easiest and least expensive option is concrete floor paint. Painting the concrete surface protects it from damage and staining. This solution is ideal for adding color and providing some protection for the flooring in garages, carports, basements, and porches.

Epoxy Coating 

If you're looking for more variety in colors and better protection than paint, an epoxy coating may better fit your needs. Epoxy provides damage protection that generally lasts longer than paint. Use it for flooring exposed to chemicals, grease, acids, tire marks, and oils. Many types of epoxy also clean up easily with plain old soap and water.

Ideal areas for epoxy include mudrooms, basements, garages, and other high traffic areas. 

Polyurea Coating

Polyurea concrete floor coating is considerably stronger than epoxy, so it's one of the most durable options. It also adds a high-gloss finish to the concrete flooring while protecting against wear, chemicals, stains, and other enemies of concrete flooring. This self-buildable option is ideal for interior concrete floor surfaces, mudrooms, basements, and garages.

Concrete Floor Additives

You can choose additives for additional protection and to improve the look of concrete flooring.

  • Tint additives give the flooring a hint of color and allow for customization.
  • Decorative paint chips also add color and give the floor a varied appearance.
  • Anti-skid additives create a rugged texture and a slip-proof surface.

You can apply additives as easily as other types of concrete floor coating, so adding a little extra appeal or safety doesn't require a great deal of extra effort.

Coating Preparation

Applying concrete floor coating isn't difficult if a few steps are followed:

  • Thoroughly scrubbing surface beforehand
  • Removing any old paint or debris with a wire brush
  • Repairing any holes or cracks in the floor
  • Etching the surface using a soft-bristled brush

For stamped concrete, the flooring must be clean and dry so the coating can adhere to the floor. Moisture can collect in low spots, so it's important to make sure the entire floor is dry before applying any paint or other coating.

Whether done by the homeowner or by a professional, using concrete floor coating extends the life of the floor while adding color and shine.

For more information, about concrete sealing in your area, contact a concrete sealing service.

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