About Your Commercial Roof

Your commercial roof is something that you do not want to take for granted. If something goes wrong with your business's roof, it can be very costly in more than one way. Damages to the roof that don't get taken care of as soon as they are caught can lead to serious roof problems that cost much more to fix, lead to damage to equipment and merchandise, and even cause you to have to temporarily shut down the business until repairs are done in extreme situations. Here are things you should understand about your commercial roof with regard to weather conditions that can be damaging.

How rain affects your commercial roof

Commercial roofs that are flat are even more at risk of damage due to the rain. Roofs with angles are at a significant advantage when it rains because gravity will naturally help the rain to flow down be removed from the surface of the roof. With flat commercial roofing, there is a higher chance of rain pooling in areas on the roof where the roof may have dents in it, or where there are areas that are lower. For this reason, you need to stay proactive when it comes to making sure the roof is checked out after big rains. Leaving pools of water sitting on the roof for a long time can lead to everything from the development of mildew to leaks and water damage.

How snow affect your commercial roof

If you have a flat commercial roof, then snow is another thing that will be a huge concern. Snow can collect on a roof, becoming higher and higher until the snow stops. This snow can be quite heavy, and this can lead to roof collapses in weak roofs. Therefore, have someone come out to remove the snow when it gets to concerning heights. You also want to make sure the roof is examined after a big snowstorm, so you know any damage is caught early.

How wind affects your commercial roof

When you have a flat commercial roof, the wind will be more of an issue for certain areas of the roof. The edges of the roof will take a beating when the high winds come in. You need to make sure any areas of the eaves that are looking worn get repaired quickly, or the damage will continue spreading to other parts of the roof. 


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