When You Fail To Pump Your Septic Tank, Your Health Could Be At Risk

Some homeowners look at septic pumping as only a mildly-important maintenance requirement. However, septic pumping is essential to the function of your tank, as well as the health and safety of your family. If you have fallen behind on your pumping schedule, it's essential that you learn what exactly is at risk. 


Routine pumping ensures that the contaminated wastewater from your septic tank is appropriately contained and drained away. A failure to pump allows the water to pool instead. As the bacteria-ridden water pools, it will slowly seep into the soil, as well as leak into any nearby water wells. 

If soil is contaminated and you have a garden, any fruits and vegetables you grow might also be contaminated. If wastewater flows into the well, from the water you drink to the water you use to shower, the entire family could be at risk—especially those family members with under-performing immune systems. Pump regularly to prevent contamination. 

Sewage Leak

Wastewater is an incredibly dangerous and potentially toxic substance. As a result, it has no place flowing through the inside of a home. The primary goal of pumping is to empty the tank to make room for more wastewater. When the tank is not pumped as needed, it will overflow. As you continue to produce more wastewater, it will need to have someplace to go. 

Unfortunately, the toilet,the bathtub, and even the kitchen sink are just some of the places where the excess water will start to back up in to. Coming into contact with this wastewater is especially dangerous, and should be avoided, so it's critical you keep your tank from overfilling by committing to regular pumping. 

Pooling Water

If you have young children, they probably enjoy spending a great deal of time playing in the yard. If you have neglected pumping your septic tank, playing in the yard could be dangerous for your children. In addition to backing up inside your home, the overflowing wastewater can also start to pool in the yard, especially around the drain field. 

A child could see the water as a splash pad and not realize the condition of the water. It's essential that you pump the tank to avoid this type of mishap, and as an added precaution, instruct your child to not play near the drain field if possible. 

The above represent just a handful of the issues that can arise when an owner puts off pumping. Make sure you do not make this same mistake. Contact a septic tank repair service professional at your earliest convenience.  

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