Using Moss To Soften Your Hardscaping

Do you have hardscaping in your landscaping design that you'd like to soften up a bit? Sometimes, hardscaping can look unnatural and take away from the look of the property, but if you add a little moss to the hard surfaces, the appearance will soften, the rocks will look more natural and  you'll end up with the look that you had hoped for when the hardscaping was done in the first place. Here, you'll find out how to get the moss to grow on your hardscaped areas.

Growing Conditions

Moss needs lots of moisture and shade to thrive. If you live in a dry area, you'll want to invest in a sprinkler system to moisten the area at least once each day. Without a sprinkler system, you will have to drag your hose out and spray the area each morning before the sun begins beating down on the moss.

If you don't have much shade in the hardscaped area, look into planting some high-growing grasses or shrubs. It doesn't take a whole lot of height to provide enough shade for moss to grow.

Getting the Moss

There are a few ways for you to get the moss that you'll need to get things started. You can pick it up from a local nursery, you can harvest it from the wild, or you can grow your own moss right at home.

To harvest the moss from the wild, you'll need legal access to property where a stream flows through a shady area. Then, you'll need a bucket, flat shovel and several cheap plastic paint roller trays. Once you've found the moss to harvest, position the shovel directly beside it and scrape the shovel across the rock underneath the soil in which the moss is growing. The goal is to get a sheet of moss off of the rock without disrupting the roots. Then, slide it off of the shovel into the paint tray. This will keep it flat and easy to position when you get it home. To plant the wild moss, simply slide it out of the tray and press it firmly into place. Saturate the area with water. Water the moss twice each day until it begins to root and spread.

To make your own moss, you'll need some butter milk and dried moss. Mix the butter milk and moss together to create a paste. Smear the paste over the rocks where you'd like the moss to grow. Mist the area with water at least twice each day until the moss begins to root and spread.

With sprinklers, growing and maintaining moss on your hardscaping will be easy. Hopefully, the tips above will be more than enough to get you started with softening your hardscaping. For more help with a sprinkler system, visit a website like

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