Ways To Document Your Airstream Renovation On Social Media

If you've recently bought an Airstream trailer and are anxious to renovate it for some upcoming road trips, there are countless different ways that you can approach this project. Whether you opt for sleek, modern accessories or you favor a shabby-chic look, make a point of documenting the process along the way. Many people share their Airstream renovations on social media, and doing so can help you to get a considerable number of views and "Likes" — as well as allow you to connect with other travel enthusiasts. Here are three different ways to document this renovation project for social media.

With Before-And-After Images

Keep your smartphone at the ready, as you'll want to take a series of images that tell the story of your Airstream renovation. Before you lift a tool for the first time, take photos from all different angles inside and outside of the trailer. These images will serve as the valuable "before" snapshots that will help to provide context when people view your "after" images. Take photographs regularly throughout the renovation project, making sure to stand in the same spots each time so that people who view your images can really get the before-and-after effect. You can then share these images as photo albums on Facebook and as multi-image posts on Instagram.

Provide Video Updates

If you enjoy being in front of the camera, don't be shy about taking a series of short video clips as you complete the Airstream renovation. Talking about some of the specific projects that you're tackling, as well as clearly capturing the details on video, will give you a number of clips that you can easily edit together with a video editing app. You can then share these videos on YouTube or Facebook to essentially take your viewers on a guided tour of your Airstream.

Use Time-Lapse Photography

Time-lapse photography can be an effective tool for telling the story of your Airstream renovation. Buy an action camera and set it up in the trailer with a clear view of the area in which you're working. A wide range of mounts are available, and you'll typically find that the common suction cup mount will adhere easily to the ceiling or wall of the trailer. Set the device to capture images at regular intervals, and then combine the images together at a desired speed to take the viewer through the day's work in a sped-up manner. You can share these clips on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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