Repair Your Patio's Brick Inlay

The brick inlay surrounding your concrete patio breaks up the monotony of a solid color scheme and adds a sharp contrast to the outdoor feature. Normal wear and tear and applying weight to the bricks can result in some of them coming loose or damaged. Leaving unstable bricks around the patio could become a tripping hazard and will also affect the aesthetic value of the outdoor dining area. Use some brick repair techniques to restore the inlay.

Remove The Bricks And Clean The Base Material

When your property was initially excavated, boards or another material were likely laid across the clear property before pouring concrete on top of them. A metal form that enclosed the area would ensure that the concrete and inlay were lined up evenly. Your job is to determine if the bricks that need to be repaired are salvageable or need to be interchanged with new bricks.

If the latter option is apparent, you will need to remove the loose or damaged bricks and clean the sub material that is resting underneath them. Leverage is needed to lift the bricks upward. A prybar with a wide and thin tip can be used to do this. Use both hands when inserting the tip underneath each brick that is loose.

Apply some force as you shift the prybar's handle upward. Mortar may break off in chunks during this step, so be ready to sweep up the debris when finished. Also, there may be some mortar that is stuck to the boards.

Chip or chisel the mortar until all of the large pieces have been removed. Move a wet wire brush over fine particles that are stuck to the sub surface that the bricks were secured to. Use detergent and a scouring sponge to clean the exposed portions of the boards. Rinse the soapy areas.

Add The Bricks To The Inlay

Prepare the mortar as directed through the printed instructions on the bucket or bag of the mix. Don't wait around to add the replacement bricks to the inlay. Mortar is a product that can stiffen quickly if it is left sitting outdoors, which could make it difficult to spread across the bricks.

Each replacement brick requires a layer of mortar on the bottom and sides of the masonry surfaces that will be adhered to the boards, the sides of the concrete patio, and adjacent bricks that are already part of the inlay. Make sure that all of the replacement bricks are flush with the patio and surrounding bricks. Do not use the patio or inlay until the mortar has dried.

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