Homesteading? Create Quick, Inexpensive Livestock Shelters Using Metal RV Carports

Suburban homeowners who either lack a garage or have made their existing garage inaccessible by filling it with bikes, lawn equipment or using it for other needs have long benefited from the addition of a sturdy, prefab carport to their property. These structures are readily available in several sizes, durable, quick to erect, and suitable for sheltering vehicles, boats, lawn care equipment, campers, RVs, or even firewood and lumber.

But homesteaders and small farmers who need a fast, frugal option for sheltering their livestock can also make good use of these structures. If you are settling into a small farm or homestead and find that you are without the shelter you need for the family milk cows, the following tips will show you how to solve that problem in a flash using metal RV carports. 

Keeping the cow sheltered 

While cows are usually capable of surviving without a man-made shelter, they are more comfortable during winter weather if they are given a way to get out of the wind, rain, and snow. If the animal is being kept to produce milk for the family, providing shelter can make them more productive and make milking and feeding chores easier for the homesteader or farmer. If the property does not already include a suitable shelter for the cow or cows, adding a metal RV carport to a corner of the pasture or the backyard provides a quick, affordable solution. 

Placement and setup

When opting to install a metal RV carport for a cow shelter, it is important to choose a location that is relatively level, with excellent drainage to prevent water from pooling inside in rainy weather. Once an appropriate spot is chosen, erect the carport, according to directions or have it done by a local contractor who specializes in installing these structures. 

To make the carport sturdy enough to resist being bumped or butted by large livestock, either use tie-downs, such as those that would be used on a mobile home, or anchor the legs in holes filled with concrete that sets up quickly. If the carport has a roof-only design, place large round bales of hay around three sides of the carport to block wind and rain and keep the interior dry and warm. As an added bonus, cows can eat from these bales while staying dry and warm inside the shelter. If possible, always leave the southern-most side of the enclosure open to capture winter sunshine and create healthy air flow. 

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