Protect Your Windows From Storms And Intruders With Rolling Shutters

Windows add beauty to your home and allow natural light to flood your living space. However, windows are vulnerable to damage during storms or intruder attempts. An attractive way to protect your windows is to have rolling shutters installed. These window treatments have several benefits for your home. Here are some things to know about rolling shutters.

How Rolling Shutters Attach

Rolling shutters attach to the outside top of your windows. They are hidden from view when they are rolled up so they don't detract from your home's appearance at all. They operate in a similar manner to window blinds that roll down when you want to cover the window and then roll back and out of the way when you want to let in light. These shutters can be custom fit to all the windows in your home, from small attic windows to large picture windows on a patio.

Ways Rolling Shutters Can Be Operated

You can close rolling shutters with a remote control. The units can be installed with a battery backup so you will be able to close or open the shutters even when the power goes out. You might close them all at once or control individual shutters as needed to block the sun. Rolling shutter operation can even be integrated with your home's automation or smart system. This allows you to program the shutters to close automatically at certain times of the day or under certain other conditions you specify. You can even control the shutters remotely so you can close them when a storm comes up while you're at work.

What Rolling Shutters Can Do For Your Home

You can buy rolling shutters made from different materials and to perform different jobs. Impact shutters are available if you want protection from hurricane-force winds. Rolling shutters protect your windows from storm damage and flying debris. They also guard against theft and intruders. Rolling shutters can close at night to provide privacy, and you can close them during the day to block the sun and prevent solar heating. Some shutters are even insulated to help control the climate in your home and reduce power bills.

Rolling shutters are attractive when they're pulled down and out of sight when they're rolled up. They're a good option when you want protection for your window glass. However, the cost of replacing glass isn't the only worry when it comes to storms. Flying glass could hurt someone in your family, and when a window is knocked out, driving rain can ruin the inside of your home. Not only that, a missing window is an invitation for looters. Rolling shutters offer protection during storms and enhance home security, so they are a good investment that can help keep your home and family safe.

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