Smart Ways To Approach A Demolition Project Before A Renovation

When you're thinking about a home renovation, it's easy to give very little thought to any demolition that will be necessary to get the job started. The result can be that when it's time to begin the demolition, you're ill prepared for these tasks — and this can cause delays in the project and even risk you getting hurt as you attempt to work quickly to make up for lost time. There are several different ways that you can approach your demolition project in the right way. It might not be as exciting as the remodeling process, but it deserves your full attention.

Assess The Demolition Step By Step

You wouldn't do a remodeling project, such as putting in new flooring, without carefully evaluating the steps that are needed, and you shouldn't approach demolition without taking a similar approach. Think about the entirety of your project so that you'll have a clear idea of how the demolition will need to proceed. If necessary, write down a step-by-step list that you can follow. It's usually important to tackle demolition in a sequential manner, starting with shutting offer the power and concluding with cleaning up the mess you make.

See What You Can Salvage

Demolition isn't an excuse to absolutely destroy a part of your home. While doing so might seem fun, it's safer and there's less risk of a problem taking place if you take your time. Part of taking your time means that you can see what you can salvage. For example, instead of smashing through the drywall, you might be able to cut out a square sheet of it to reuse later on. Or, instead of ripping out old light fixtures, you can carefully disconnect them and potentially sell them in your local online classifieds to offset some of the cost of the renovation project.

Clean Up As You Go

While you might be eager to tackle the demolition with reckless abandon, you'll be left with a daunting mess by the time you get done this job. You're always better off cleaning as you go, whether you rent a dumpster and cart the waste down to your driveway to load in this bin, or you simply fill your pickup truck as you go. The good news is that taking a careful, step-by-step approach to your demolition essentially encourages you to go a little slower than you might otherwise, which is conducive to tidying as you work.

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