Water Considerations For Building Your Off-Grid Home

Living off the grid is a dream for many Americans. Not only can you live off your land, but you're also free from conventional bills like trash removal, gas and electricity, and of course, water. When deciding on the right land and location for your off grid residence, there are several factors to consider, especially when it comes to water supply. Here are some of the things you should think about as you look for the perfect spot.

1. Cost of well drilling. 

Drilling for water is always more expensive than simply calling the city water company. If there isn't an existing well on the land, you'll need to budget for getting a well. The cost can vary based on the topography of your land. In areas with high water tables, wells may be shallower. In areas with rocky terrain or deep water sources, digging is more costly. Before closing a purchase on your land, be sure to have a well company assess the cost of drilling. 

2. Water quality.

Some water is not potable, even if it does come from the ground. You'll need to know what the water is like and where it comes from. If there is a series of lakes and rivers close by, for instance, you'll want to research past sources of contamination (if contamination has ever occurred). If there is ample farm land, test for sulphates and other run off contaminants from pesticides, fertilizer, and animal waste. If the ground water is not contaminated but still has high levels of heavy metals or other additives that affect flavor, you'll want to research water treatment systems that work for the whole well, especially if you hope to feed animals with the water as well as use it for your household needs.

3. Number of wells in the area. 

Sometimes, living off grid is quite popular, or an area becomes desirable because of accessibility. Some places offer the perfect combination of location, resources, and convenience to local areas for medical care and other necessities. As a result, even rural areas can become crowded. You might not be able to add a well to your property if a certain number already draw from the same source of ground water. If there are too many wells, the water source goes dry because of overuse. 

For more information on accessing the right water for your off-grid homestead, contact a local well drilling company, like Jackson Well Services.

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