Water Safety Tips For Private Residential Water Well Owners

Residential water wells are a convenient option for providing rural homes and businesses with a plentiful water source for drinking, bathing, and other uses. Able to be drilled in most locations, including remote areas, residential water wells have made it possible for people to live in areas that do not have access to municipal water supplies or the ability to get water from a natural source, such as a spring or artesian well

According the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there are more than 15 million private water wells in use in the United States today. Since these wells are not regulated or monitored for safety, homeowners who depend on them must develop good water well safety habits to ensure that their drinking water source remains pure and healthy. 

Be aware of and work to prevent surface contamination risks

Private water wells are supplied by underground water sources, such as aquifers and rivers. These sources are fed from surface water, usually in the form of rainfall, that is naturally filtered by the layers of soil, sand, and rock if moves through as it is seeps into the ground. Since this natural system of rainfall and absorption, it is possible for surface contaminants to also make their way into the water where the submersible well pump is located. 

Homeowners can work to ensure that their underground water well sources remain pure and safe by taking precautions to keep potential contaminants from collecting on the ground near their private well or in the areas that may drain into it. Chemicals, petroleum products, human waste and even heavy concentrations of animal waste, such as that produced by livestock, all have the potential to contaminate drinking water supplies and should be kept away from areas that feed underground water sources.

Use proactive water testing to stay informed about water quality

Water testing is an efficient and affordable way to monitor water quality and ensure that rural households are consuming and using safe water. To do this, homeowners in most counties can contact their county health department to arrange water testing by a properly certified lab for a nominal fee. In addition to periodic testing, homeowners should also consider adding some sort of purification to their water well system, such as an ozone or filter system. 

Water safety begins with the proper installment and maintenance of the home's well pump and components, including the pressure tank and controls. When purchasing a home equipped with a private water well, homeowners should have the system inspected by a reputable water well contractor to ensure that it is working properly. Contact a company, like Modern Pump & Equipment, for more help.

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