Don't Forget A Laundry Chute When Designing Your Custom Home

When you're working with custom home builders, you'll commonly put lots of focus on the larger elements, such as the size of the house, how it will look, and which important amenities it will include. Don't be afraid, however, to get extremely specific about a series of smaller elements that still have importance. You might not initially give much consideration to doing laundry, but this will be a regular task in your custom home. As such, you might wish to think about having a laundry chute built during the home's construction. Including this element during construction is far easier than adding one after the fact, and its presence will offer several benefits, including the following.

More Ease On Laundry Day

It's a nuisance to carry dirty and clean laundry between the laundry room and the various bedrooms of your home on laundry day. If you have a large family and you're doing multiple loads of laundry every week, this hassle is magnified. This is especially true if your laundry room is in the basement and the bedrooms are all on the second floor. When you have a laundry chute installed in your custom home, you'll automatically enjoy more ease on laundry day. The simple act of tossing dirty items into the chute instead of carrying them to the washing machine makes your life easier.

Move Involvement From Your Children

When your children reach a certain age, you'll likely want to get them involved in the process of doing laundry. Even if you're still the one physically washing and drying the clothing, having the children sort their laundry and take it to the laundry room can help. However, some children won't enjoy such tasks, and getting them to help may be an uphill battle. With a laundry chute, it's easier to expect that your children will get involved. Lots of kids will have fun with the idea of tossing their dirty clothing into the chute on the upper floor of the house.

Less Risk Of An Injury

Laundry might not inherently seem like a dangerous task, but the reality is that people do get injured during this household activity. Carrying a heavy laundry basket down flights of stairs can lead to muscle pains and perhaps even cause you to slip and fall down the stairs. No one wants to end up with a serious injury or even a minor one because of doing laundry, and a laundry chute can be a valuable ally in your effort to avoid getting hurt. When you toss your laundry down the chute, you aren't enduring the risks that can come with carrying the heavy basket downstairs.

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