Three Applications For Headed Stud Anchor Bolts (Besides Concrete)

Headed stud anchor bolts, for anyone not in the know, are often used to secure sections of concrete to each other and anchor them to one place. The bolts may also be used in welding, where the action of welding the bolts in place actually reinforces their strength, making them stronger than if they were used without welding. You should not allow yourself to get stuck on the idea, though, that that these bolts are just for concrete and steel structure work. The following three applications will help you rethink the use of headed stud anchors.

Building Rockets and Space Ships

You can bet that these anchor bolts are used in the construction of planes, as well as rockets and space ships. They can hold their own under several psi of air pressure, an essential feature for building anything that is trying to escape the earth's atmosphere. While the individual consumer may not be trying to build a rocket or space ship, companies and government organizations rely on these bolts to get the job done. If you are working on a team that is building a rocket, missile, or space ship, remember headed stud anchor bolts, with a little welding thrown in, to make the hull very strong.

Securing Underwater Rigging for Docks and Bridges

The most secure docks and bridges you can build are those with underwater rigging. That includes steel girders or support beams and some concrete, but the "glue" that holds the rigging together is the headed stud anchor bolt. When the bolts are made with a specific alloy recipe in mind, the bolts also do not rust or corrode, thus making them impervious to their underwater installation. 

Oil Rig Pylons

Oil rigs in the middle of the ocean have to be very strong and very durable. Some of the largest headed stud anchors are used both underwater and above to create the oil rig pylons and provide them with reinforced strength and stability. Lots of different kinds of bolts may be used all on the same rig pylon, and all are more than likely welded in place after they are driven in pneumatically. If you take a job on an oil rig, or you know someone who does work on an ocean oil rig, and he/she needs a viable solution for a weakened pylon, suggest headed stud anchor bolts and welding, if they are not already in use.

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