Gutter Replacement Options: Understanding That Not All Gutters Are the Same

If your home is now due for gutter replacement, you should know that you have more than just the standard gutter option. Gutters do not have to be plain and just functional either. Here is a closer look at how you can make your gutters better while you replace them.

Traditional Gutters with Screens

Your roofer can install new traditional gutters with a twist. Instead of the gutters having just their usual open trough spaces, the roofer installs gutters with screen mesh material across the tops of the trough openings. These mesh screens are often screwed on to make them quite secure, but they may also rely on tension mounts to hold them in place. The screens are able to sift out very small particles of debris and allow rain, melted snow, and melted ice to pass through. Larger particles of debris, leaves and twigs, cannot pass through the screens, so they sit on top of the screens until a strong wind takes them away.

Gutter Covers or Covered Gutters

These gutters are almost completely covered by their own little "roofs." Rather than filter out leaves, twigs and debris, these covered gutters disallow anything but rainwater to enter. The openings in the gutters run along the side of the gutter that is not connected to the roof. Everything that falls on top of the roof, over the tops of the covered gutters, and/or forms and solidifies over the tops of the gutter covers typically slips off and falls to the ground. This is exactly what the gutter covers are supposed to do--divert everything from the roof down over the edges of the roof and send it over the tops of the gutters. You won't have to clean the gutters because the gutters do not collect anything but water.

Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are similar to traditional gutters, except that these gutters are comprised of one single gutter that reaches from one corner of your home to the next without stopping. That means that the roofer does not cut the gutters and refit the connecting pieces with joints and bolts. Joints and bolts can cause your gutters and your roof to sustain damage at these points, something you can avoid with the seamless gutters. The only seams these gutters utilize are the corner seams, where perpendicular pieces of gutter meet. However, these are typically the places where your roofer will install downspouts anyway.

For more information about these gutter systems, contact a contractor like Allstate Gutter & Siding.

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