How To Add Cohesion To Your Bedroom Décor

The bedroom can sometimes feature an eclectic style. It's a private space, so sometimes homeowners put the décor together by instinct rather than design. You don't necessarily have to overhaul your bedroom decorating to organize the style. Rather, add a little cohesion by implementing a color scheme.

Analyze your Décor 

The first step to adding cohesion with color is to choose a palette. Start by analyzing your existing pieces. Do you have any patterned items, such as a rug or comforter? If so, this can drive your color palette. A coverlet or rug can feature too many colors and shades to make it an overall palette, so choose three or four hues from the pattern. You could also pick predominant colors from a work of art in your room. Otherwise, look at your room with an unfocused eye, trying to spot repeating colors in the overall décor.

Pick a Color Scheme

Once you've analyzed your décor, choose a selection of colors that serve as your palette. The scheme should feature one to two base colors and one to two accent colors. One of your base colors should be a neutral. You could always start with a classic palette and add your own touch. For example, according to Better Homes and Gardens, turquoise, cobalt and sky blue is a classic color scheme. You could add a complementary color, such as citrus or amber, for a personalized update on this palette.

Paint the Walls and Ceiling

Your choice in wall color depends on the ambience you want to create in the bedroom. For instance, if you want a soothing atmosphere, you'll start with your neutral foundational color. For a more creative look, consider a lighter shade of one of your accent colors. Say you'd going with the classic shades of blue from above. Choose a light turquoise for the walls. You could also use the foundational neutral for most of the walls and paint just one with an accent color. In this case, consider a darkened version of your accent hue, such as burnt orange or midnight blue. For the ceiling, matching the foundational hue brightens your room.

Draw the Colors Out

Once you've got the stage set with paint, you simply need to draw the color scheme into the rest of the bedroom's décor. You'll probably need to augment your existing pieces with ones chosen just for color. Look for throw pillows, vases, mirrors and picture frames in your accent colors. If you've chosen two foundational colors, consider using the second hue for curtains and even a cushioned chair or ottoman. Look with an unfocused eye again to ensure the coloration is mostly even throughout the room.

Utilize a personal color scheme to add cohesion to your eclectic bedroom style. For more information, contact companies like Thompson Painting. 

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