Tips For Using Mirrors To Increase Lighting In Your Home

Mirrors serve many purposes beyond simply showing you a reflection. When light hits a mirror, the glass processes that light energy differently. Understanding how the energy is processed will help you to maximize your mirror placement in your home to add light to dim spaces without needing to wire more fixtures. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of mirror placement for your home.

What Can Mirrors Do For Your Lighting?

Remember that light is energy, so it can't be captured by a mirror the way that your image is when it's reflected. Instead of absorbing the image and reflecting it, light actually bounces off the surface of the mirror. The mirror deflects the light at an angle, casting it back over the space. When you position mirrors properly, you can significantly increase the ambient light in a room through reflection.

How Can You Use Mirrors To Bounce Light?

In order to bounce light properly, you need to know what angle it originates from. In addition, you'll have to account for both artificial and natural light in the room. If there's a wall near where the light falls, put a mirror on that wall. You can even add light through the addition of floor lamps or similar portable light fixtures to help create more light to reflect. In addition, the more light you have to work with, the less dimming you'll face as the beams bounce from one mirror panel to another.

Once you've identified the lighting angles, it's time to start placing your mirrors. Remember that light bounces away from mirrors at the same angle that the light contacts the mirror to begin with. So, if you evaluate the angle of the light beam where it hits the mirror, you'll know exactly where that beam will go when it bounces away.

For example, if you have a beam of light that's reaching the mirror at a 50-degree angle, you'll need to put a second mirror at a 50-degree angle opposite the first. If the light is coming in from the right, place the second mirror to the left. This produces a triangle of light beams as the light bounces from the origin to the mirror and back to the origin.

Mirrors are an affordable and attractive way to make the most of the light in your home. Since they come in so many styles, shapes and designs, you can find something that not only bounces the light but also adds to your overall decor.

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