Living In An Area With High Storm Risks? What You Should Know About Hollow Metal Doors

If you've recently purchased a coastal home or one in an area that's prone to severe weather, you might be considering enhancing the security and stability of the doors. Since most homes are fitted with wood, fiberglass or thin metal exterior doors, they don't offer a lot in the way of impact resistance or security. When you really want to make the most of your security investment, you might want to consider investing in hollow metal doors and frames. Here are a few things you should know about these types of doors.

Hollow metal doors are usually fitted with a lightweight core. Many people avoid metal doors because of concerns about the weight. While a solid metal door would certainly be quite heavy, the core inside hollow metal doors provides stability without excess weight. Most cores are crafted from material like polyurethane or polystyrene.

Hollow metal doors provide good insulation. If you've only ever had thin metal doors on your home, you've probably struggled with the heat transfer that occurs through it. Metal conducts heat very well, and metal doors can become hot to the touch and pass that heat into your home. The core put inside hollow metal doors serves as a thermal transfer barrier, insulating your home against those outdoor temperatures. This may help you to reduce your climate control costs during the summer.

Metal doors come in many styles and varieties. You might think of metal doors as plain, grey and drab. They don't all have to be industrial in appearance. Not only can you find them painted in solid colors with and without windows, you can also have them crafted with space for a pet door. If you're concerned about the weather effects, opt for impact glass in the windows to get even more protection. You can also order metal doors with patterns, textures and different finishes. Whether you want a vinyl coating, a wood texture or any other design, there are a lot of different options to choose from.

When you want to protect your home from the threat of severe weather, you need a strong, solid door. Don't dismiss the option of hollow metal doors due to lack of understanding. With the information presented here, you can understand some of the features that make these doors a good investment. Talk to a local door contractor today who can help you find the right model for your home. To learn more about hollow metal doors, contact a company like Associated Building Specialites

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