3 Facts About Roadway Repair You Should Consider On Voting Day

Unfortunately, roadway repairs are often very expensive and some states are forced to delay the necessary work for an indefinite period of time, even though highways are subsidized by the federal government. As a concerned tax payer and a responsible voter, it may be helpful to consider what your presidential candidate plans to do about the sad condition of many of the highways in the United States when you are choosing which person should get your vote.

#1-Not Repairing Highways Cost The Average Motorist Almost 400 Dollars A Year

Just because your car does not instantly pop a tire or show an immediate misalignment after driving does not mean that the vehicle is not accruing damage. Although costs will obviously vary from one car to another and even one area to the next, the average annual cost that each driver accrues has been estimated at 377 dollars.

In addition to the expected tire damage from potholes, those fees can arise as the result of:

  • Shock absorbers

  • Struts

  • Rims

  • Wheel Alignment

  • Suspension systems

  • Catalytic converters

As you can see, it only makes sense that responsible government leaders should make sure that everyone is driving on safe roads that will not cause expensive and unwarranted damage to their vehicles.

#2-Rebuilding A Road Can Cost 14 Times As Much As Repairing Them

The next time you hear someone talk about rebuilding a road, it is a good idea to make sure that doing so is the best use of the government's money. It should be pointed out that in some instances, with severe damage or unsafe, old construction, rebuilding is an appropriate choice. In those instances, it is possible that it is the only responsible option.

However, when repairs are all that is needed, it is rarely a good idea to rebuild instead. Current estimates are that doing so can cost as much as 14 times the cost of repairing the same roads.

#3-Delaying Necessary Highway Repairs For Five Years Results In Much Higher Repair Costs

When states are forced to delay repairs, it is obvious that those busy roads are likely to become much more damaged. However, it can be terrifying to consider how much they will increase over five years.

Current estimates are that the fees are multiplied by seven if repairs are delayed for just five years. That is in addition to the five extra years of wear and tear on the vehicles that depend on those roads, as mentioned previously.

In conclusion, roadway repair is a crucial aspect of highway use and must be planned for accordingly by both state and federal governments. As a result, the information listed above will be very helpful to consider when you are casting your vote next November. 

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