Three Specialty Well Pump Services Provided By A Contractor

If you have a well or need a well, then you also will need a well contractor. Modern wells often require several extra components to operate and get water from the well into your home. As such, some well contractors provide additional specialty services. The following three specialty services may prove useful to you when you need service to your well or you need well pump services.

Well Water Treatment and Monitoring Services

If you already have a well in place, but you are living in an area that is known to have some issues with high levels of lead, mercury, etc., then you will want your well tested and monitored often. After the contractor has helped you create a new well or install new equipment on an old well, he or she may also provide this specialty service. Regular water testing and monitoring appointments are scheduled in advance, and you need not be home for the contractor to test your well water (unless you have a locked access area around the well). If the contractor finds anything unusual or dangerous, he or she will contact you and discuss what your immediate treatment options are. If you are home during the testing and monitoring services, then you can grant the contractor permission to treat any potentially harmful problems with your well right away.

Well Pump Services: Installation, In-Situ Repairs and Replacements of Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps are tricky. They are intentionally heavy so that they do not float or tip over in the well. When they need repair, a contractor may have to haul them up out the well just to get a clear look at what is causing your water flow issues. Instead, you could hire a specialist that "dives" into the well and provides repairs and replacement services for the submersible well pump while it is in situ (i.e., the pump remains right where it is in the well and submerged, and the contractor goes into the well to fix or replace it. The contractor often has a commercial diving license to accomplish these tasks.

Water Reservoir Installation

If you want to maintain constant water pressure inside your home, then a good way to do that is to install underground water reservoirs which are directly connected to the well's pump system. Then the reservoirs are connected to a plumbing system that connects to your home. As one or more of your reservoir tanks registers that it is empty or nearly empty, the well pump kicks in and moves more water into this reservoir to refill it, while a second or third reservoir continues to provide water to your home without any interruptions or delays to your water delivery.

Not all well pump service providers offer this service. (That is why it is considered a specialty service.) If you are interested in this service, or any of the previously mentioned specialty services, you will have to contact the contractors that advertise them or ask individual contractors if they are able to provide these services. Contact a business, such as T. W. Stanley & Son Well Pump & Plumbing Repair, for more information. 

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