Types Of Sprinkler Systems

There are several different types of sprinkler systems that are available for use, depending on the building and the facilities that are in it. Deciding on they type of sprinkler in your building will depend on what exactly you are intending the building to be used for.

Wet Sprinkler System

Wet sprinkler systems are very simple systems. They are composed of a water tank, a pump, a set of pipes leading to various areas of the building, and a set of sprinkler heads that end each pipe that allow for the water to flow out in the event of a fire.

When a fire happens, heat builds up in the room. Once the heat has reached a certain temperature, the fusible link in the sprinkler head breaks, and the water that is within the pipes rushes out to quench the fire. The pump keeps the water at pressure so that it doesn't just drip out of the sprinkler head.

The benefits to this are that it is fast working. Water stays in the pipes, and so is ready to be released as soon as it s needed. The drawback is that there is a high likelihood of false alarms, and there is a possibility of the pipes bursting if they freeze due to the water in them.

Dry Sprinkler System

Dry sprinkler systems are very similar to wet systems, except for the addition of a valve into the system. This valve sits between the pump and the pipe system. This valve keeps the water outside the pipe system via pressure.

Once the temperature reaches the critical temperature and the fusible link breaks in the sprinkler head, air will rush out through the pipes. This will reduce the pressure in the pipes and on the valve, which will in turn let water from the pump and tank into the pipes.

The benefit of this is that the pipes will not freeze and break. This is particularly good if the building that you are putting the system into has no heat, such as a storage facility or an attic of a house. The drawback is that the system is not instantaneous. It takes time for the air to exit the pipes and allow the water into them. This makes it a little slower than the wet systems that have water in them just waiting to be released.

There you have it, a quick overview of two of the different types of sprinkler systems and their benefits and drawbacks. Make sure that you have the right system for the right building. Contact a company like Nor Cal Fire Protection for more information.

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