Common Types Of Gate Materials To Consider

Your gate choice doesn't just affect your home's appearance, but also the security of it. But you might be wondering what material to choose. No worries, because this list will help you understand the difference between popular gate materials:


Aluminum is relatively lightweight for its size. It is also low-maintenance, as it does not pose a risk of rusting as much as steel does. The security isn't as high with aluminum, however. Aluminum has additional benefits, though, including the ability to look like virtually anything because you can paint it.


Wood is one of the most beautiful options. It does require some cutting to install. It is also a little more maintenance-heavy than other options. Overall, it can be a great option if you don't mind touching it up every once in awhile.


PVC has a great advantage in its low price. It doesn't look as good as other options, and it is not as durable. However, if your budget is slim, PVC can work wonders.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron gates can be very beautiful. They are also very durable and offer security. If you treat them properly with coating, you can prevent the rusting that can otherwise be a problem. However, the price and ongoing maintenance can be quite high.


Vinyl is not just a cost-saver. You simply need to spray it off with water or wipe it with a sponge if it gets dirty. They can also be very strong, especially compared to wood. It also boasts the characteristic of being free of much maintenance. You don't need to worry about rust, decay, or stains. If you want a low maintenance, low-cost option, then vinyl could be your best bet. However, you need to ensure that you are okay with its looks.

Chain Link

Chain link gates are a great option. They don't offer an incredible amount of privacy, however. The large benefit is that you can save money with chain links and still enjoy a reasonable amount of security. Also, if you use sealcoating, you don't need to fret about rust. The maintenance is also low with these. Plus, if you have a lot of plants, they will have room to grow through. 

When it comes to gates, there is no shortage of options—you can even have custom gates made. However, to avoid information overload, you should limit your choice down to handful of materials. Then you can move forward with confidence on your new gate.

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