2 Types Of Windows Suited To Withstand Hurricanes

Hurricanes are some of Mother Nature's most devastating natural disasters. With winds ranging between 74 and 157 (or more) miles per hour, a hurricane can cause serious damage to your home. Since windows are especially vulnerable to hurricane damage, it can be beneficial to replace your existing windows with those that are well-suited to withstand hurricane conditions.

Here are two types of windows you will want to consider when replacing the existing windows in your home if you live in a coastal area where hurricanes are common.

1. Filmed Windows

In addition to the glazing that traditional windows receive, some windows are treated with a specialized film that can increase their durability. In order to prevent shattering, manufacturers apply a film that contains up to 230 layers of protective optically clear polyester.

This film undergoes rigorous quality control inspections prior to leaving the manufacturing plant to ensure that once it has been applied to your windows, hurricanes are less likely to cause the glass to shatter. In addition to providing the protection you need to keep your home intact in the event a hurricane strikes, window films can withstand extreme exposure to UV rays and heat.

Since coastal areas tend to receive large amounts of sunlight in addition to the adverse weather conditions associated with a hurricane, replacing the windows in your home with filmed windows can help protect your property in many different types of weather conditions.

2. Laminated Windows

Laminated glass is considered to be extremely durable, making it an ideal option for replacement windows if you live in a hurricane-prone area. Laminated glass is commonly used as auto glass, since its shatter-resistant properties can prevent injury in the event an accident occurs.

In order to create a laminated glass window, a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) is placed between two sheets of glass. These layers are then sealed to one another using both heat and pressure. Once the laminated glass is sealed and the chemical bonds linking glass and PVB are established, the window has the ability to absorb the energy of flying projectiles rather than shattering on contact.

Since laminated windows also deflect up to 95% of the UV rays they are exposed to, these windows are an energy-efficient replacement option for homes in coastal areas.

Protecting your home from shattered glass in the event a hurricane strikes is important when you live in a coastal area. Replace your existing windows with filmed or laminated windows to ensure maximum protection against shattered glass in adverse weather in the future. For more information, contact Community Builders or a similar company.

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