Want An Private, Outdoor Space For Entertaining? Get It Easily

If you are building a home and you want to create an outdoor entertaining space and include some privacy, there are a few things you can add to the property. If you worry about having your pets or children get out, or everyone looking into your property as they walk by, you can create privacy while keeping the yard open with a fence, a deck and some trees.

Here are a few things to consider adding into the loan when you are getting an estimate for what it's going to cost to build the house so the outdoor space is finished when the property is completed.

Concrete Patio

A regular poured concrete patio or a stamped or decorative concrete patio is going to look great outside of the back of your home, and it's a great way to create an outdoor living space. You can use this to have bonfires, add an outdoor dining table, and more. Have this added so you have a place to sit and lounge outdoors. Concrete is easy to clean with pressure washing.

Cedar Fencing

A cedar fence will look good with any style of house, and it's often the chosen fencing options for HOAs. You can get a lumber kit for a fence at a local hardware store, and construct the fence on your own to save money if you have the time. You will need the tools to dig for the posts and to nail and screw the cedar fencing together, and you may want cement for the posts.

Many cedar options purchased at a lumber or hardware store can be painted or stained easily, you just want to seal the wood to protect the finish. This is going to make your home more private because people will see that you put up a barrier, and it keeps animals and children in the back yard.

Mature Trees

If you don't want everyone seeing you in your backyard, and you are around a bunch of other homes that are new construction, invest in a few mature trees to put in the yard. This can help stop people from seeing in at all angles of the yard, and it gives your yard a more serene look.

If you are going to have a blank space in the back of your home and you don't want it to be barren, add these things so you can start using the backyard immediately. With fencing you can let the kids out to play without worry, with trees you have some shade and seclusion, and with a patio you have a space to sit and enjoy the new property.

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