2 Creative Ways To Improve The Appearance Of Your Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences have been a common and necessary addition to yards for many years. However, while it is ideal for keeping your pets and your children in the approved areas of your yard, it is not always as aesthetically pleasing or private as some homeowners associations, neighbors or pets may prefer. Fortunately, you can modify the chain link fence with new materials to provide a more attractive look and increased privacy, often for a reasonable cost.

#1-Consider Canvas As A Cover

A canvas tarp is often an ideal choice to cover the chain links. In addition, if you have a pet that is contained by the existing fence, but reacts to passersby or animals that walk by, a canvas cover may be the perfect choice.

If your chain link is like many others, it is four feet tall. You may find that canvas tarps, often sold in pieces that are eight feet long, are an economical way to cover the area. If you really want to dress up a bland piece of canvas, it could be decorated by your children or grandchildren and finger paint.

#2-Growing Grapes Can Be Great

You can set yourself apart from the rest of the neighborhood by using the chain link fence as a support system for grapes to flourish. If you own or plan to own canines, you are probably already aware that this is not a good option, since dogs should not be allowed to consume grapes. Assuming that yours is a dog-free zone, it is easy to train sturdy grape vines to trail over your fence.

Start with one primary stem and plan to begin with no more than three grape buds, so that the strongest specimens will grow. The vines will grow quickly, but do not let them get to more than about 10 inches long. At that point, it will be easy to see the strongest vine and it is important to maintain it as such; so keep the other vines shorter.

Attach that dominant vine to the fence with plant string or Velcro to encourage its development. Over time, it will become an attractive addition to your yard that also provides a great snack for your family on a regular basis.

In conclusion, you probably love the security of your chain link fence, but wish it were a little more attractive or provided additional privacy. In that instance, it is time to consider modifying it with canvas, wood or bamboo. Contact a company like Nickelston Fence Inc for more information about chain link fence options.

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