4 Ways To Deal With The Fluctuating Costs Of Your Home Heating Oil

The price of heating oil is always changing. One season you will hear it's cheaper, another season it's more expensive than ever. These fluctuations can make it hard to plan or anticipate your heating oil needs ahead of time. Here are a few things you should consider when purchasing your heating oil.

1. Take Care of Your Oil Burning Systems and Equipment

Keeping your boiler, furnace, or other HVAC system clean and professionally maintained goes a long way towards efficiency. You should always do everything you can to take care of your HVAC system. Sometimes, a dirty system, or one in disrepair, can burn through your oil faster than it would normally. 

2. Invest in Efficiency When Prices are Low

When heating oil prices drop, you should take that time to invest in your home's energy efficiency. It may go counter to you wanting to save that money, but you should definitely consider using it to make small upgrades to your home.

For example, you can take the money you save on your heating oil and purchase weather strips, caulk, window film, and other things you can use to seal your home and maintain its inner comfort.

You don't have to do everything at once. But every little bit you can do will go a long way towards helping you save on heating oil use.

3. Shop Around, But Remember Pricing Isn't Everything

You should always take some time to shop around. Many people become accustomed to using the same heating oil service for years. Some people don't even know there are other options.

You should always check to see what's available in your area and what kind of prices they have. You can also haggle for a better price, so make sure you pursue multiple quotes for leverage.

However, keep in mind the price of the oil is one thing. You're also paying for the service. Some oil heating services sell you oil and that's it. Some others go a little further by helping you when you need it, answering your questions, and helping you to troubleshoot issues.

4. Take Advantage of Fixed Pricing and Other Specials

If a heating oil service has a special deal or promotion, then take advantage of it. As long as it doesn't lock you into terms you're uncomfortable with, you should definitely take advantage of services that allow you to lock into low fixed rates.

If there are discounts available, then avail yourself of them. This is especially helpful when you can purchase in bulk at a cheap price.

All of these things can help you save money on heating oil while allowing you to use less of the oil itself. Everybody's home and budget is different. But you should take advantage of as many things as you can to keep your home comfortable without spending all of your money doing it.

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