Hiring A Drip Irrigation Service To Help With Your Indoor Hydroponics Garden: What To Expect

So you have decided to construct an indoor hydroponics garden. That is a tall order, given the supplies you will need to make it work. However, it can be very rewarding because you will reap many fruits and vegetables that are bug-free, pesticide-free and environmental toxin-free. If you are not going to be around most of the day to tend your hydroponic garden, you will need to find a way to keep all of your fruit and vegetable plants watered. A drip irrigation service can help, and here is what you can expect.   

From Hiring the Service to System Installation

The people that work for a drip irrigation service install the system and provide any modifications you need. When you hire the service, they will take measurements of the length and width of your hydroponic garden, taking into account any rapid growth of plants and the spread of any vine plants you intend to grow. Then they will install the irrigation system.

This involves:

  • Connections to your well, water pump or outdoor water spigot
  • Yards and yards of drip irrigation hose, punctured at just the right intervals to allow exactly the amount of water your plants need
  • A support frame for the drip hose that encourages water to work with the pull of gravity
  • Flow control valves

Once the system is installed in your indoor hydroponic space, the installation expert will test it to make sure there are no blockages or kinks in the hose. You may want to be at home when the installation expert finishes the installation so you can show him how fast or slow you want the water to flow. The installation expert can adjust the flow control valves for a continuous slow drip, a fast drip or a continuous sprinkler system. You may also opt to have the system on a timer so that you never have to worry about remembering to turn the water on and off.

Problems with the Drip Irrigation System

Most problems should be simple enough to resolve on your own, but if you cannot figure out why a drip hose is not providing enough water, you can call an irrigation service (such as H2O Lawn Sprinklers) and schedule a consultation. The installation expert will return to your hydroponic space and examine all of the connections and the condition of the hoses. If you need new parts, the installation expert will probably have them on his or her truck and can make the repairs on the spot.

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