5 Important Tips For Marble Cleaning

If you have any marble countertops in your home, you will want to know of the best ways to take care of it. Marble requires special care and attention since it is one of the most sensitive natural stones available. Here are five important tips for marble cleaning in your home:

1. Clean Regularly: One a regular basis, you should be wiping down the countertops with warm water and then drying with a rag. You don't want to wipe down the counters with any chemicals since cleaning chemicals can be harsh and cause the sensitive marble to warp.

The only time you want to use cleaner to wash the counters is about once or twice a year just to get any hidden dirt and you should only be cleaning with mild dish soap. After you wipe down with the dish soap, rinse the counters with warm water and wipe dry. 

2. Hire Professional Cleaners: Hiring professional marble cleaners may cost some extra coin, but when it comes to caring for your marble countertops, the cost is well worth it. This is because professional cleaning can guarantee that the marble counters last much longer, which keeps your home value high. The professionals will polish the marble and will ensure that any scratches in the surface will be polished away. 

3. Remove Coffee Stains: If you have any stubborn coffee stains in the marble countertops, you will want to remove it with 20 percent peroxide mixed with ammonia. This solution should only be applied to the coffee stained area and should be rinsed off with warm water and dried to prevent the harshness of these chemicals from setting in.

4. Remove Oil Stains: Another common stain to see on marble countertops in the kitchen is oil stains. You want to be sure that you remove these stains properly before it has time to dry on the counters making it almost impossible to remove. You can apply corn starch to the area, let it sit for a day and then scrub away with an old toothbrush and warm water mixed with mild dish soap. This should completely remove the oil once you rinse the soap off and dry the area, as well.

5. Remove Rust Stains: When you see rust on your marble countertops, don't panic. You can easily remove this with the help of a rust stain remover cleaner you can purchase at your local home goods store. Be sure to follow directions exactly and remove right away so that the cleaner doesn't damage the counters.

By following these five important tips for keeping your marble countertops clean, you can be sure that they last long in your home and always appear beautiful and elegant. 

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