4 Common Signs Of Asbestos Exposure

You have probably heard a lot about asbestos and how dangerous it can be. In fact, asbestos exposure can make you and your family very sick and has even been linked to mesothelioma, which is a type of cancer. Even though you might know how important it is to avoid asbestos exposure, you could be unsure of whether or not you have been exposed to it. The following are a few symptoms that you should look out for; if you notice any of them, you should seek medical treatment right away, and you should have your home inspected by a qualified asbestos abatement company to find and get rid of this dangerous material.

1. Shortness of Breath

One of the primary symptoms of asbestos exposure is shortness of breath. If you have noticed that you've been running out of breath more quickly than usual, even when you are outside of your home or in other places where you aren't afraid of asbestos, then asbestos exposure could be to blame.

2. Chest Issues

If you have tightness in your chest or if you have been experiencing chest pain, you could have talked to your doctor about potential heart problems. However, what you should know is that these chest-related problems could also be a sign of asbestos exposure, so you should talk to your physician about that possibility as well.

3. Cough

A cough can obviously be the symptom for a lot of other problems, but if you have had a cough for a long time and haven't been able to get rid of it, there is cause for concern. Coughs due to asbestos exposure are usually accompanied by mucous and are usually chronic.

4. Loss of Appetite

Don't just chalk up your loss of appetite to different causes. If you live in an older home or otherwise think that you could be around asbestos, you should look for this key symptom of asbestos exposure. Many people who have been exposed to this dangerous -- and even deadly -- material notate that they have had little to no appetite.

If you live in an older home, if you work in the construction industry or if you are otherwise potentially exposed to asbestos, you should know the signs of asbestos exposure. Then, if you notice any of these four things, you can work to remedy the situation as soon as possible both by seeing a doctor and getting rid of asbestos within your home or taking extra precautions when you are working.

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