Temporary Fencing To Keep Your Dog In The Yard

If you have moved into a new place and you haven't had time to put up a permanent fence for your dogs, you'll want to get something temporary up so you won't have to worry about them running off. Also, if you're renting your home, you can put up temporary fencing that you will be able to easily take down when you vacate the property. You have several options available to you when it comes to temporary fencing. Consider one of the temporary fencing options below:

Invisible fencing: You can install an invisible fence around the border of your yard. This fence works by using radio waves and a collar for your dog. You will set the perimeter, and if your dog goes beyond that perimeter, the collar will detect it. Your dog will receive a reprimand that comes in the form of a small shock. This will teach them to stay in the yard, but it won't keep other dogs from entering the yard.

Chicken wire fence: If you have a small or very calm dog, you can use some posts and chicken wire to make a temporary fence. You will want to choose a small area of the yard where your dog will spend the majority of their time. Prepare the area by digging 8-inch deep holes about every 5 feet or so. Put a post into each hole and pack dirt around the post. Take the chicken wire and attach it to each post at the top, middle and bottom. Keep in mind you need to put this fence up where there is a door to let to let the dog in and out. Otherwise, you are going to have to pick them up each time to place them inside the fenced area.

Plastic fencing: You can use plastic fencing to contain a calm dog, but you want to get something sturdier if your dog is going to try to get over or through the fence. Plastic fencing can be found at most hardware stores. This type of fencing can easily be attached to the side of your house.

Dog run: You can purchase a dog run that comes with everything you need. You will take the pieces out of the box and assemble the dog run yourself. These can be purchased in different lengths and widths. Most of the dog runs are tall enough that most dogs can't jump them. They are also secure, making them a good choice of temporary fencing for a larger sized, or more energetic dog.

To find out about renting a fence, contact a company such as A & R Rent-A-Fence.

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