5 Tips To Protect Your Aluminum Carport During The Winter

If you have a carport, you probably love having a structure that will protect your vehicle from the snow and elements. If you want to continue enjoying it, however, you should take a few maintenance steps to help protect it from the harsh winter weather.

Luckily, carports are pretty resilient, so you shouldn't have much trouble. Just follow these steps to help prevent damage to your carport when the temperatures plunge.

1. Anchor it Down

Before the winter season hits, you should make sure that your carport is nice and secure. Otherwise, windy winter storms or the weight of snow and ice on top of your carport could cause it to lean over. Inspect your support beams to ensure that they aren't damaged, and consider purchasing an anchoring system from a hardware or home improvement store to provide extra support.

2. Clean Your Gutters

If your carport has a gutter system installed, take the time to clean it to get rid of any leaves or other debris that might be causing a clog. This will help water from rain and melting snow to flow through the gutters and relieve some of the pressure on the roof.

3. Invest in a Roof Rake

If you don't already have one, take the time to invest in a roof rake. Then, you can use it to scrape snow off of the top of your carport. Since snow can be very heavy, this can help prevent your carport from collapsing during periods of bad weather.

4. Apply a Protective Coating

If your carport is older or has never been sprayed with a protective coating, consider purchasing a protective paint from a home improvement store. By applying this paint, you can provide your carport with a protective coating that will help protect it from rust and corrosion, which can be caused by the ice and snow.

5. Spray it Off

With a long-handled water hose, take the time to spray off your carport regularly throughout the winter. This will help get rid of any residue that might be left by snow and ice so that you can prevent discoloration and rust.

As you can see, there are a few things that you can do before the winter months to help protect your aluminum carport from the elements. If you follow these five tips, you should not have to worry about your carport standing up to the changing temperatures. If you've found that your current carport won't hold up to the winter weather, contact a company like Sauer & Sons Construction to see about getting a new one.

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