Three Landscaping Projects To Give Your Home A New Look With Cedar Lumber

If you like the look of custom woodwork, cedar lumber is a great material to work with. It also has the advantage of being a great material to use outdoors. It is resistant to insects, disease and rot, which is why it has long been the domestic wood of choice for exterior finishes. It can also be used for many things in your landscaping design to add to the woodcraft look you may already have on the exterior of your home. If you want to have the look and smell of cedar in your landscaping design, here are three simple projects that you are going to love:

1. Adding Privacy With A Unique Cedar Privacy Screen

If you want to add privacy to a porch, patio or other area of your landscaping, a privacy screen can be great. This can easily be built using cedar lumber. You can install posts where you want to have the screen and use cedar decking to create the screen.  Just nail or screw it horizontally like boards on a deck.  If you want a little light to come through the screen, you can space the cedar decking out further than you would on a deck. You can also alternate the boards on either side of the post to get a similar effect.

2. Get More Seating With Cedar Bench And Planters For The Patio

You can also create simple seating and planters with cedar lumber. For the planters, you can just build a square box and cover it with cedar decking. In between two planters, fasten cedar decking to create a bench seat. You may also want to add a board in the middle of the bench to add support if it is wider.  A good way to do this is build an extra side-piece like the planter boxes, and use it to support the middle of your bench.

3. Raised Flower Beds And Retaining Walls With Large Cedar Lumber

Large cedar posts can also be used to create raised flower beds and small retaining walls. You just need to stack the posts on top of each other to create the form you want and nail them together. Before you do this, you may want to paint the backside of the cedar with a weather sealant or tar to protect it from moisture. You can paint the front facing side with a cedar stain to get the finish you want. Concrete sealant products can be a great material to use for the backside of these features and help make them last much longer than common wood treatments.

These are some of the woodworking projects that you can do with cedar lumber to add wood details to your landscaping design. If you want to start, some of these projects around your home, contact a cedar lumber vendor (such as Rocky Mountain Forest Products) to get the materials you need to get started.

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