Four Ways To Make Your Pool A Natural Oasis And Blend Into Landscape Surroundings

If you want to have a new custom pool installed for your home, there are many different designs to choose from. These can include pools with water features, seating and natural filtration. These elements can also be used to help give your pool a natural look, and make it blend into the natural surroundings of your landscaping design. If you want to have a pool that looks more natural, here are four things you can do to make your pool look more like a natural oasis:

1. Integrating Natural Filtration Into The Design Of Your Pool

Natural filtration can be a great way to reduce the use of chemicals in your pool. It can also incorporate things like plants that filter water naturally and add to the natural design of your pool. These plants can include aquatic plants such as wet land grass, which will help provide your pool with clean and health water that does not need treatment with chemicals.

2. Blending Water Features Of Your Garden And Pool Swimming Area

You can also combine water features in your landscaping design with the natural design of your pool. This can be something like a Koi pond or aquatic garden that is designed to appear as if it is the same body of water as your pool. A small natural rock feature can separate these spaces but still have them appear to be connected.

3. Adding Natural Materials To The Pool Deck, Coping And Surfacing

Using natural materials is another thing that you may want to consider for the design of your pool. This can start with the surfacing of your pool, which you may want to have a darker color for a natural look. You can use things like natural and synthetic stones for the coping and decks around your pool to make them look natural. If you want to have a comfortable area, you can even use sand to create your own beach area on your pool deck.

4. Consider A More Natural Shape For The Design Of Your Pool

There are many conventional shapes for pools such as the kidney-shaped pool. You can talk with the pool contractor when they design your pool to get a design that is more natural, and that blends in more with the natural surroundings.

These are some of the things that you can do to make your pool look more like a natural oasis and less like a recreation park. If you want to have a relaxing pool with a natural design built, contact custom pool contractors (and pool builders) to get the pool design you want for your home.

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