Surrounding Your Outdoor Equipment While Your Garage Is Rebuilt: Temporary Fencing Solutions That Work

If this is the first time you have ever hired a contractor to rebuild your garage, you will need to prepare in advance. Find a safe place, several yards away from your garage, to stash all of the belongings you have in the garage. Then, use one of the following temporary fencing solutions to keep your items safe.

Chicken Wire and Rebar

Sure, it is not the prettiest arrangement for keeping your items together in one place, but it is effective at preventing your items from walking off on their own. Fencing rebar, painted green, has long been the go-to product for farmers to make chicken enclosures. You would have to purchase enough of these bars, at about four or five feet in length each, and stick them in the ground at four to six feet intervals, depending on how much temporary fencing you need. The bars should be in the ground up to at least six inches to keep from falling over. Wrap the chicken wire all the way around the bars, and your outdoor belongings are protected until your new garage is ready.

Rolled Plastic Fencing

If you decide you do not want to do chicken wire and rebar, your construction contractor may have rolled plastic fencing you can use. You still have to provide some sort of rebar or post structure because the plastic fencing is rolled out around the posts or rebar just like the chicken wire. Usually, a contractor uses this bright orange plastic fencing as a means of protecting construction materials and/or closing off a construction zone, but you could use it to secure an area of the yard just for your garage and outdoor items.

Barbed Wire Fencing

This may seem a little extreme, but if you have a riding lawnmower that cost almost as much as a car, you will want to protect it from thieves. Barbed wire and razor wire will do enough damage to a thief that he or she may think twice about stealing your more expensive outdoor equipment. Just like the other two types of temporary fencing, you will have to wrap it around some type of temporary post material.

The Best Thing About Temporary Fencing: You Can Recycle It

Most, if not all, temporary fencing solutions are recyclable. Plastic and metal and barbed wire are all recyclable. Once your new garage is complete, you can add the temporary fencing materials to your contrator's reycling dumpster, and return your yard to normal.

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