New Ways Wire Mesh Can Be Used To Protect The Environment

Wire mesh may not be the first thing you think of when you imagine protecting the environment, but there are a number of breakthroughs using wire mesh in recent years that can do just that. Here are a few examples of how breakthroughs involving wire mesh can help the environment.

Solar Panel Mesh Tech

One new technology that's come out in the last few years used nanotech, that is, very small engineering methods, to improve the wire mesh section of a new kind of solar panel. As a result, these solar cells now have triple the efficiency.

The nanotech upgrade that would be used would have openings in it that are actually smaller than the wavelength of sunlight. The new panels will also be thinner and cost slightly less than old panels.

More efficient solar panels, especially when it's three times more efficient, could have a seriously positive effect on the environment. This is because sunlight is a renewable resource that doesn't pollute the air the way fossil fuels often do.

By having solar power as an alternative that's efficient enough to be cost-effective, the world can reduce its use of fossil fuels and so reduce the amount of damage done to the atmosphere and oceans.

Energy-Efficient Radiant Floors

The traditional approach to building heating and cooling elements in a building is to fashion systems that heat or cool the air directly. Instead, radiant floors use new wire mesh tech to heat up actual objects such as the floors in a room.

This means that the heat will rise from the floor during cold days, warming up your feet first and then the rest of the room. This is 30% more efficient than traditional heating systems in houses, and if you use the system in something more commercial like a large hanger it can be as much as 60% more efficient.

Radiant floors can be used with wood or concrete from a contractor like Hanover Concrete Company. The system usually works with hot water and straight electrical systems, but you can also rig it up to work with alternative energy such as solar power in order to maximize energy savings.

The more you can cut back on how much energy you draw from fossil fuels personally, the more you  will directly contribute to decreasing the pollution of the environment. And using a combination of radiant floors and solar energy in your house, all thanks to wire mesh breakthroughs, is one of the best ways to do this.

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