Four Options For Slate Roofing On Your Home With A Different Look

If you want to have a roofing with a different look installed on your home, slate is a great choice of material. It is durable, fire resistant and will outlast conventional shingles. There are also many different types of roofing slates, which can vary in shape, size and colors. They can be used to create different designs with the roofing on your home, and give you a new roof that is unique and looks great. Here are four options you have for the installation of slate for your new roof:

1. Smooth Solid Color Slates In Uniform Patterns

If you want to have an elegant looking slate roof, you can use a smooth slate that is uniform in color and shape. These can be the more common black and gray slate materials to give your home a nice look. With this type of slate, you can also use larger tiles in the installation of your new roofing, which will look great.

2. Shaping Slate Tiles To Create Different Patterns And Looks

Slate can also be shaped to create different types of patterns on your roof. They can have diamond patterns and other looks to give your roof a unique look. If you have features like second-story dormers, this can also be done on the walls here to give your home some architectural details, and siding here that will last as long as the roofing you have on your home.

3. Using Thick Rough Edge Slates For A More Rustic Look

You may want the tiles on your roof to have more of an old rustic look to them. This can be achieved with slates that have rough edges, which will add dimension and character to your roof. This is great for replacing slates on an historic home.  This is a good choice if you want to have your roof to have a textured surface, but still be uniform in color.

4. Varying Colors And Thickness Of Slates For A Different Look

There are also various colors and thicknesses of slates that you can use for a slate roof with a rustic look. This can give your home a different look and give you the choice of different colors to use for your roofing. These materials can also be used to create patterns by combining the different colored slated, such as creating a checkered pattern,

These are some of the options you have when installing slates on your home. If you need to have new slates installed on your roof, contact a professional slate roofing contractor, such as Roofs by Rodger, to have them install slates in one of these styles for a roof with a different look.

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