Be Sure To Seal Your New Ceramic Bathroom Floors Twice

If you are installing your own bathroom ceramic flooring, you need to seal the flooring twice. You need to seal the floor after you lay down the tiles, but before you add the grout. You also need to seal the tiles again after you apply the grout.

Why You Need To Seal Your Ceramic Floors

Ceramic absorbs moisture. Anything that gets spilled on your tiles will be immediately absorbed into the tile and will stain the tile if your tiles are not sealed. Sealing your tiles protects the integrity of your tiles.

Clean The Tiles

Before you seal the tiles you need to clean up all the dust and debris that is on top of the tiles and in the cracks in between the tiles. The easiest way to clean up your tiles is to just vacuum them off.

Seal The Face Of The Tiles

Next, open up the tile sealant. For easier access to the sealant, you should pour it into a paint tray. Use a paintbrush to paint the face of the tiles. Do not apply the sealant to the cracks or spaces in between each tile at this point. Let the sealant dry for about two hours, then apply another coat to the face of the tiles. Allow the second coat to dry overnight.

Apply The Grout

Mix the grout up according to the directions on the package. You will need a large plastic bucket, a stir stick and water to mix up the grout.

Once you have mixed up the grout, use a grout trowel to apply the grout to the spaces in between each tile. Press down the grout into each space, then use the trowel to scrap off the extra grout so the grout is flat and even with the tile.

Let the grout sit for five to ten minutes, then go over the grout with a damp sponge. Use the sponge to wipe off the excess grout that is on your tiles.

Allow the grout to dry and cure for two or three days. Try to stay off the floor during this time.

Seal The Whole Thing

Once the grout has a couple of days to dry, vacuum your tiles. Then, get out the sealant again. Pour it into a paint tray. This time you can use a paintbrush or a roller to apply the sealant. Apply the sealant to the tiles and the grout. Let the first layer dry for a couple of hours, then add a second layer of sealant. Let both layers dry overnight before you start walking on your new floor.

If you take the time to seal your new tile floor before you add the grout, and then seal the floor again once you apply the grout, you will extend the life of your new ceramic tile floor. 

For more information about caring for your ceramic floor, contact a local remodel company, like DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen.

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