3 Warning Signs That Your Furnace Needs Attention

Your furnace is an integral part of keeping your house cozy when cold weather strikes. You need to keep it in top shape so that you are not left with a chilly home. Ideally, you should have an HVAC maintenance technician out once a year to check up on all of your HVAC equipment. This visit should ideally take place when the weather is more temperature, so either in the fall or the spring. Beyond having this beneficial visit from an HVAC repair service, like Maryland Oil Company, you should still be aware of signs that your furnace is not working well. Here are three warning signs that your furnace needs attention.

Decreased air quality is a sign of vent problems.

Do you notice that it is a little harder to breathe in your home? Is it a little more dusty? If you notice your allergies acting up and eye irritation during the colder months, it may be because your heating unit is circulating contaminated air throughout your house while you have it on. Your heating unit has an air filter to keep dust and other dirt particles out of the system, but in the event that it fails or needs to be replaced, then dirt and dust can back up into your vents and ducts, leading all the way back to the furnace and impeding its ability to function.

Your energy bill is surprisingly high.

Running your HVAC unit does require energy, but a broken furnace sucks up more energy than it should. This can be reflected in a sky high energy bill. If you get your energy bill and are scratching your head over why it is so expensive, then a broken furnace may be the culprit. When it gets cold, you are not thinking about energy consumption; you are more concerned with cranking up the heat so that your house is warm. Track trends in your heater use and your energy bill.

Your pilot light is not stable and blue.

Your furnace's pilot light should be a stable tongue of blue flame with a yellow halo under normal circumstances. Your pilot light is a big indicator of how well your furnace is functioning. If you notice that your pilot light is flickering or will not stay lit, then you should contact a repair service to adjust it. Also, keep an eye on your pilot light's color. If the flame becomes a sickly, wavering yellow, then it may put you at risk for carbon monoxide exposure.

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