The Quest For A Durable Floor: Concrete Staining

Floors can take a lot of abuse. Carpets can get matted and worn under the constant onslaught of foot traffic. Tiles can crack if something falls or is dropped on them. Hardwood floors can get scratched and gouged by pebbles trapped in the soles of shoes and other sharp objects. When you choose a covering for your floor, you should look for a material that will handle abuse well. In some cases, your best bet is to simply beautify your concrete and use it as a floor for your house. 

To Stain or to Paint

You can paint concrete, and there are paints that are designed to handle the abuse that a concrete floor might have to endure. Even if you use heavy-duty paint, it will fail over time. As paint separates from the floor, it can leave the floor looking patchy and damaged. Stain will impregnate the concrete itself with color, so even if the concrete gets damaged, the color will still show through. Thus, staining a floor is a better option than painting. 

How Acid Stain Works

The stains used on concrete contain acids which react with the concrete and create a change. To use the acid stain, you simply paint it onto the concrete. The stain will not be the same color you hope to end up with; instead, the color is the result of the chemical reactions which take place. Once you paint the stain on, you need to give it time to cure. Once the stain has had its effect, you might have stain left on the surface of the concrete.

You should use baking powder to neutralize the stain before cleaning it up with a wet-dry vac. To protect the stain and enrich the color, you should paint on a seal coat. Frequent applications of wax can also help to preserve the look and integrity of your concrete. 

Concrete is a very hard substance, and for this reason, it is often used in roadways to help them stand up to the constant abuse of the weather and traffic. Whatever you put on your floor will likely not be as durable as the concrete itself. To reduce replacement costs down the road, you can use acid stain to create a beautiful flooring out of concrete. Using acid stain to color a floor is not very difficult; thus, creating a floor from your concrete is something that many homeowners can take care of on their own. 

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